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I love to eat - day 12

Treat your body with love...choose healthy options and practice portion control

Turn up your speaker for some reason the volume is low on this one.

There really is nothing wrong with loving to eat.. as long as you treat your body with love and kindness by feeding it whole nutritious food and practice portion control.

Here I am I have arrived at day 12 and no complaints, no cravings, no more gut pain, no more sluggishness and my focus has improved.

It's all good and even if it wasn't all good, life is just to darn short to dwell on the negative. I am not saying that I am walking around in fantasy what I am saying is the good far out weighs the bad. For that, I say thank you God for blessing me and bringing the 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond Program into my life.

I am loving myself and the body I am in right now!

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